Monday, April 23, 2012

3dsmax Reflection and Refraction Tutorial

Hello, everybody wazzup   - here I’m going to show how to get reflection and refraction without anti-aliasing problem using Scanline renderer in 3dsmax unfortunately it was done on 3dsmax 2012 but the process is same in all version so let’s start it.

  1. Create a basic cube convert it to poly and extrude the opposite faces in order to get a nice bar shape and chamber the edges to smooth out with amount  16 in my case
This is the final step for modifying the bar before we enter into the ParticleFlow we can do any kind of shapes as you want.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The NUKE MARI Bridge using footage from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Matt Brealey, Creative Specialist at The Foundry shows us how to the NUKE MARI Bridge can help you address common and time-consuming challenges faced when using 3D projection techniques to build digital environments. This tutorial uses footage from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen © Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Thank you Digital Domain.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Studio Light Rig 1.5 For 3ds Max 2012 is Released! 

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Check the Official Link to Buy Now:

A&G Tool Company Releases The Studio Light Rig 1.5 For 3ds Max 2012

The popular lighting tool, The Studio Light Rig, now supports 3ds Max 2012. This update offers many new features and true HDRI images of actual studio lights. They are also introducing several “SLR Preset Packs” for purchase that can speed up the lighting process.

New York City, NY, Chicago, IL September 6, 2011 — A&G Tool Company brings new features and functionality to The Studio Light Rig 1.5. In addition to supporting 3ds Max 2012, the SLR update also includes 5 new light types that are taken directly from HDRI photographs of real studio lights for ultra realistic results. Other updates include; surface imperfection and gamma controls that allow the artist to achieve whatever studio lighting results they are out to achieve.

This new version also ships with the “SLR Preset Pack 01” for free. Five preset SLR rigs that allow the the artist a great starting point to beautiful renders. More “SLR Preset Packs” are available for purchase on their website.

“I find the Studio Light Rig for Max essential in bringing various “real-world” lighting elements into a CG studio shots and easily controlling them. The closer we can get with CG lighting that speaks the same language as the DP and Director, the quicker we can achieve a CG studio product shot that excites the production team. Excitement is an important step towards completion.”
- Will Shepherd, CG Supervisor, Spatial Harmonics Group

About A&G Tool Company:
The A&G Tool Company was founded in 2010 by two leading industry veterans. With a combined 20 plus years of experience in the CG field, they set out to make tools for the artist, by the artist.

In the professional CG world, the tools should be based on production experience and never get in the way of creating great imagery. They recognized the need for simple and efficient tools that are production proven and that is exactly what A&G stands for. Top notch tools/utilities for the professional 3ds max user. All of A&G’s tools are production proven and vetted in the trenches of professional CG studios.

A&G Tool, Co.
Sales Department

Friday, August 5, 2011

Badrinath Making shots - Makuta VFX

Valley Mate Painting, actually painting 12K resolution for mid shots to tight close up shots.
Final Comp was projected on to a hemisphere in Nuke with match moved live action camera.
Waterfalls Matte Painting, it started as concept matte painting and later developed into full 2D vertical pan shot with added CG water and fog in Nuke.
Original film plate stitch up for 2D PAN.

Final Comp
Original film plate
Final comp 
Original film plate
Projection setup in Nuke

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frio (DJ Wally Remix​)​-​Ricky Martin Feat. Wisín & Yandel

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

EyeQube Studios Creates Photoreal Creatures for Vikram starrer, Deivathirumagal

 EyeQube Studios delivered 210 VFX shots for the film Deivathirumagal. The movie stars South Star Vikram and is directed by Vijay. The movie has released successfully in Tamil and Telugu (Nanna) on 15th July and is presently running. The entire movie’s VFX is done by the EyeQube Studios and Njanasundaran PT was the on-set VFX supervisor for this film. Out of the 210 shots, 160 shots are digital animation of which 69 shots were the CG created creature shots.
 The story revolves around a mentally challenged father and his struggle to get his daughter back from his father-in-law. The studio has done extensive VFX for a song sequence in the movie. In this 6 minute long song, the mentally challenged father (Vikram) is telling stories to his daughter which are shown coming alive in the background. For the song EyeQube created five creatures- Anaconda, Fox, Crow, Sabertooth Tiger and Dinasaurs.
EyeQube shares, “Only the live characters were shot in studios everything else like the landscape and creatures were digitally created. All the creatures were given a real look and not like the animated or the cartoonic look, so to create the fur on the animals like the fox, crow and the tiger was a tedious task and it also takes time to render hence to create such shots in 70 days was a task but we pulled it off”. Apart from the creature designs other VFX and animations included BG replacements, set extensions, forest creations.

Talking about bagging this project Shweta Kapoor, VFX Producer, EyeQube Studios says, “I would say the trust in PT by the Director got it for us. The director had complete faith in PT. If PT says yes it can be done then the director completely believes him”.

30 artists worked on this project and completed the project in 70 days. PT was present during the shooting of the film and he mentioned that one of the shots was done at a busiest Railway station in Chennai where Vikram was left alone in the crowd and the camera was recording from the outside. The best part according to PT was the fact that none of the crowd could recognize Vikram the star and this incident shows how greatly he has acted in the movie.
“The movie is loved by the audience as it is a family drama and it connects to the audiences well”, concluded Shweta.